Silicon Wafers lapped, etched, shaped, and polished

Silicon Wafers: As Cut, Lapped, Etched, or Polished

FZ and CZ Silicon wafers in all sizes, orientations, and resistivities are processed in the USA, from small evaluation quantities to thousands of wafers.

Whether you need a single 25 mm diameter wafer 50 microns thick or 1000 wafers of 100mm Silicon polished on both sides to a thickness of 100 microns with TTV of 2½ microns, your requirements can be met.


  • SOI wafer polishing
  • MEMS wafer polishing
  • Glass and Silicon wafers for anodic bonding
  • Backside and Double side Polishing
  • Edge and angle polishing
  • FZ Wafers and Ingots from stock
  • Extremely Thin Wafers
  • Germanium Wafers
  • Your Custom Requirements

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