Polished Silicon (SIC) Carbide Wafers and Substrates

Polished Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafer image

Polished Silicon wafers of any size and thickness for research, product development in laser, sensor, and edge-angle polishing for optolelectric applications.

Float zone (FZ) optical grade Silicon is available in 3" ingot form, as-cut wafers, and lapped or polished, single and double sided.

We supply:

  • Thin Silicon wafers - as thin as 0.001" (25 microns)
  • Ultra thick Silicon wafers
  • Ultra pure to 10,000 ohm-cm

100mm FZ polished optical grade Silicon available from stock.

We offer a complete line of polished Fused Silica, 99.6% Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, and Sapphire wafers and substrates.