CMP wafer polishing of semiconductor materials

CMP Semiconductor Wafer Polishing

Custom wafer polishing has been the company's specialty for over 25 years. From 3 mm optical windows to 300 mm Silicon wafers double side polished are all part of past experience.

  • Double side polished wafers to TTV < 1 micro-meter
  • Flatness (bow and warp) of less than 5 micro-meters
  • Surface finish as low as 2-3 Angstroms Ra is possible
  • 100 mm diameter only 50 micro-meters thick - no problem
  • Cut, lap, etch, and polish
  • Class 10 cleanroom inspection and packaging
  • Wafer dicing up to 150 mm
  • Edge rounding
  • SOI wafer thinning and polishing

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